Materials with New Design for Improved Lithium Ion Batteries

7. Lithium-Schwefel-Hochenergie Akkumulatoren mit reversiblen Matrix-interkalierten Schwefelkathoden

  • Contact:

    Dr. Burkhard Beckhoff (JP7.1)
    Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt

    Professor Dr. Manfred Stamm (JP7.4)
    Leibniz-Institut für Polymerforschung Dresden e.V.

    Professor Dr. Timo Jacob (JP7.2)
    Universität Ulm

    Dr. Stefan Koller (JP7.3)
    TU Graz

The successful design of Li-S batteries with high energy density has the challenging perspective to significantly boost the development of environmently friendly automotive technology. Li-S batteries will triple the energy density of existing Li-oxide batteries combined with high reversibility of fast charging-discharging cycles and lifetime of thouthands of cycles. Based on detailed investigations of novel cathode materials with nano-containers for electrochemical active materials, we plan to develop hierarchically structured carbon electrodes on micro- and nano-scale leading to high-energy density Li-S batteries. In our multidisciplinary consortium polymer engineers will develop the new polymer-based cathode materials, electro-chemists will optimise the electrochemical performance and physicists try to understand basic principles both from experimental as well as from theoretical viewpoint. Application aspects will be introduced by close contact with a leading battery producing company. New materials development routes will be combined with dedicated instrumentation to reveal structural and electro-chemical aspects at different levels, absolute elemental composition, depth profiling and electronic oxidation states as well as simulation of charging and discharging.

Subproject 1 (Dr. Beckhoff)

Subproject 2 (Prof. Jacob)

Subproject 3 (Prof. Koller)

Subproject 4 (Prof. Stamm)