Materials with New Design for Improved Lithium Ion Batteries

4. Experimental Thermodynamics and Phase Relations of New Electrode Materials for Lion-Batteries

  • Contact:


    Dr. Damian M. Cupid (JP4.1)
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

    Professor Dr. Hans Flandorfer; (JP4.2)
    Universität Wien

    Professor Dr. Torsten Markus (JP4.3)
    Hochschule Mannheim



This project is a continuation of the scientific work which we performed in the first funding period of the WenDeLIB SPP 1473 priority program. The aim of the project is to generate experimental thermodynamic, electrochemical, and phase equilibria data on material systems which are relevant for electrode materials for lithium ion batteries. This data is used to develop consistent thermodynamic descriptions of the materials systems under investigation using the CALPHAD method. In the first funding period, we focused on the ternary Cu-Li-Sn system and its constituent binary sub-systems. In the second funding period, we will investigate the ternary Li-Sb-Sn and Cu-Li-Sb systems and binary sub-systems as well as the Li-Si-O oxide system. 


Subproject 1 (Dr. Cupid)

Subproject 2 (Prof. Flandorfer)

Subproject 3 (Prof. Markus)