Materials with New Design for Improved Lithium Ion Batteries


Picture Summer School
The first summer school of the DFG-Priority Prgram 1473 “Materials with new design for improved lithium ion batteries” (WeNDeLIB) was held from September 21st to September 23rd, 2011 in Marktheidenfeld.  This priority program of the German Research Foundation supports more than fourteen individual projects in the framework of approved interdisciplinary joint proposals.  

The summer school, which was also organized by the German Society of Materials Science (DGM), offered a platform for knowledge transfer among research projects and served to stimulate discussion of priority program specific and comprehensive scientific/technical topics.

More than 50 participants met to learn about current scientific aspects of energy storage with lithium ion batteries as well as to exchange ideas on this topic. Most of the participants were young scientists, i.e., PhD students or post-docs, who had the first opportunity to meet each other after the first year of their projects. One of the main goals of this priority program is to correlate the electrochemical properties of lithium ion batteries with the thermodynamic, kinetic and structural properties of the active materials used. Experiments as well as simulations should create a basis for the understanding of the thermal behavior and the safety mechanism of cells and batteries.

Topics at the summer school focused on the correlation between the electrochemical, thermodynamic, kinetic and structural properties of battery component materials. In this framework, the basics of thermodynamics and phase diagrams as well as the crystal-chemical properties of materials for electrodes were presented. Additionally, experimental methods for the generation of thermodynamic data as well as modeling and simulation methods were discussed. The second part of the summer school focused on the relationship between thermodynamic functions and the characteristic electrochemical curves and battery thermal behavior. Additionally, the managing director the German Research Foundation, Dr. Frank Fischer, held a presentation on the successful procuring of DFG- and AiF-funds.

A group of internationally renowned experts were invited to give lectures at the summer school and young scientists had the possibility to discuss their research related ideas with the invited experts. Additionally, the PhD student and post-doc participants were able to comprehensively present their research results by giving short oral presentations and posters.



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